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Adelaide makes it onto National Geographic Traveller’s Best of the World list for sustainability in 2022

Every year National Geographic Traveller compiles their list of 35 must visit destinations across the globe focusing on key places in categories like nature, adventure, sustainability and culture. Chosen by the publications international editorial teams, the places that make up the list focus on what it means to travel in a post-pandemic era, with more travellers than ever opting for sustainable travel and meaningful experiences. 

sunset behind the trees in Adelaide Australia
Adelaide sunset

The five categories—nature, adventure, culture, sustainability, family—honour national parks and wildlife, outdoor activities and experience, green travel and destinations, and multigenerational destinations and journeys. Editor of National Geographic Traveller, Pat Riddell, said, “whether it’s closer to home, exploring the UK and Europe, or focusing on journeys further afield to destinations that highlight sustainable, environmental and community initiatives, this year’s list gives us an opportunity to celebrate the world as we begin to emerge from the pandemic”

Adelaide, Australia’s compact city of wildlife and wineries has made it onto the list for 2022 under the category for sustainability. Home to Cleland Wildlife Park, hikable Mount Lofty, numerous incredible vineyards, including The Lane and some great spots for learning to surf, it’s no surprise the often overlooked city is finally getting some of the recognition it deserves.

wallabies at Cleland wildlife park in Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide's Cleland Wildlife Park

Alongside Adelaide in the sustainability category is Germany’s Ruhr Valley, Ecuador’s Parque Nacional Yasuni, Łódź, Poland, National Columbia Gorge Scenic Area in Oregon, Mozambique’s Chimanimani National Park and Grenoble, France.

For culture, National Geographic Traveller declared the city of Edvard Munch’s The Scream—Oslo in Norway—one of the winners. The city made the list besides Atlanta, Rome, Cairo, Italy’s Procida, Hokkaido, China’s Jingmai Mountain and London’s Tin Pan Alley, all the places to visit for 2022.

One of my favourite catagories, nature, is made up of some seriously bucket-list destinations including Caprivi Strip, Namibia, Russia’s Lake Baikal, the Belize Maya Forest Reserve, Northern Minnesota, Victoria in Australia and Kent, England.

While Costa Rica, Peru’s Chankillo and Palau feature on the list for adventure. 

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