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A secret tour of Casa Gilardi, Luis Barragán's stunning architectural masterpiece in Mexico City

Art and architecture go hand in hand and I've always been fascinated by both. On a recent trip to Mexico where I witnessed the magic of Casa Etérea, I also delighted in hunting out the best places to eat in Mexico City before looking for Casa Gilardi, the last project of architectural genius Luis Barragán. Unable to find any information about visiting, I turned up on the street and hung around outside until eventually someone let me in and gave me a cool little private tour of this incredible house.

outside pink wall with yellow window of casa gilardi in mexico city
The vibrant outside walls of Casa Gilardi

Coming out of retirement to work on Casa Gilardi, Barragán was commissioned by two guys who owned an advertising agency (I like to imagine they were Don Draper types), to design and oversee the project. Built around an old jacaranda tree, the place features an indoor swimming pool next to a huge dining area that's perfect for parties, a dream-like yellow tinged corridor and pretty roof terrace, all walls painted in wonderful bold blues, reds and pinks.

long yellow corridor with glass jar of white lilies and light
The yellow tinged corridor

Throughout the day, as the sun moves over the sky, the light changes and dances around the place creating a magical atmosphere. Barragán once said that he believed the ideal space must contain, 'elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery.'

jacaranda tree and cactus growing against pink and white walls
Courtyard with the famous jacaranda tree

tree shadow on white walls with yellow windows and patio
Shadows in the afternoon light 

The colours Barragán used were inspired by artist Chucho Reyes Ferreira, and all were considered by the way the light or shadows would fall on them, you can't walk through the place without smiling, it's faultless and the perfect last piece of work to end Barragán's legendary career.

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