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The Hoxton Paris hotel review: what it's really like to wake up in France's hippest hotel

• Rating: 9/10
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With twelve hotels and more on the way, The Hoxton brand continues to expand with The Hoxton Southwark hotel and a newer site in Shephard's Bush being the latest UK additions. While the original Hoxton hotel and namesake of the brand first opened its doors back in 2006, my favourite (so far) has to be The Hoxton Paris, housed in a grand 18th-century building in the 2nd arrondissement, surrounded by metro stations and walking distance from the Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries. 

The neighbourhood is full of winding cobbled streets, bakeries, interesting shops and open-air markets, which make it the perfect location for a weekend of discovering cool and unusual places to see in Paris.

big bed on parquet flooring in boston paris hotel
My room at the Hoxton Paris

What’s the vibe at The Hoxton Paris?

Super elegant and hip. From the outside, the hotel looks typically French with huge painted wooden doors leading into a very charming courtyard area, but once inside the modern décor and stylish rooms are seriously impressive. There’s definitely a buzz to the place, people sit with morning coffee and laptops, waiters dash to serve breakfast and bar staff mix up delicious drinks.

How are the rooms at The Hoxton, Paris?

There are four room sizes, ranging from ‘Shoebox’ to ‘Biggy’, I went one down from the largest with a ‘Roomy’ room and it seemed to be the perfect size. Previously I’d tried the ‘Shoebox’ at The Hoxton, Holborn, but felt it was a bit too small and a little dark. My ‘Roomy’ room here in Paris was immaculate, I loved the parquet flooring, leather strapped headboard and muted colour palette of soft blues and pale yellows. The furniture had a retro feel with lacquered-top wooden desks and Anglepoise style lamps. But the highlight for me was the stunning bathroom, geometric grey, black and beige tiles covered the floor, light flooded in from the skylight and rose-gold taps added to the glam yet modern feel. The rainfall shower was huge and filled with products from Blank and from the window I could see the gray-tiled rooftops of the city, even the rain couldn’t make Paris look bad. 

rose gold shower white tiles bathroom paris hoxton
The bathroom

What is there to eat and drink?

Included in your room price is a light breakfast bag, filled with orange juice, banana and yoghurt with granola. If you want it, it’ll be left outside your door ready for when you wake up in the morning. I also had breakfast in the courtyard outside as it was too pretty to miss and I needed a strong coffee. On the day I was there, they’d sold out of croissants, in Paris, how crazy! So my friend and I ordered a pain au chocolat and flat whites, although we did wonder in a city teaming with bakeries why they couldn’t have bought more croissants. At 5€ for a flat white and 4€ for a pastry, it did seem a tad overpriced too, especially considering the number of brilliant cafes in the area. As far as restaurants and bars go, Rivie, the brassiere where I had breakfast, also serves a range of French-inspired dishes for brunch, lunch and dinner and bars, Jacques and Planche have great wine selections and Moroccan-inspired drinks.

curved staircase paris design hoxton
Inside the hotel

Any highlights?

The whole of The Hoxton Paris exudes elegance and the well-thought-out rooms, décor and location make it a real winner. During summer, the outdoor courtyard is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine. I’ve banged on about the bathrooms already, but they’re just so pretty. If you’re into taking pictures of immaculate spaces and adore interior design, this is the place for you. It's dog-friendly, too.

Anything they could improve on?

Prices in the dining areas seem a tad high, and in a city full to the brim of bakeries I wouldn't expect a hotel of this ilk to run out of croissants at breakfast time.  
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