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Where to find the best coffee in Tel Aviv—8 favorite spots for creamy flat whites, aromatic filter & flavorsome americano

Good coffee is always part of my morning routine, whether I’m home or away. A lot of the time I like to grind my own coffee beans, usually from Climpson & Sons, Neira Coffee Lab in Peru, or Flying Horse Coffee, or grab a cup at one of my favorite luxury London breakfast spots. But when I’m on an adventure I love nothing more than seeking out new cafes, from finding the best coffee in Mexico City, and the best cafes in Tbilisi to visiting independent coffee carts across the globe, if there's good coffee I'll be sure to hunt them out.

And Tel Aviv is no stranger to really good coffee, the city boasts numerous micro-roasteries, as well as hip shops and fun hangouts where great blends are standard. After two weeks in the city, these are the places that stood out, deserving of making it onto my list of the best coffee in Tel Aviv.

glass containing an Iced americano from Ada Hanina in Tel Aviv
Iced americano from Ada Hanina in Tel Aviv

Where to find the best coffee in Tel Aviv, Israel

1. Ada Hanina, 9 Rabi Khanina St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

With a ton of outdoor seating and friendly, knowledgeable staff Ada Hanina was the very first coffee shop I happened upon in Tel Aviv and it turned out to be a great option. While staying at nearby The Disco hotel I tried out drinks from the epic selection including hot and cold blends like cortado, flat white, espresso tonic, French press and Chemex. 

coffee grinding machines filled with different types of coffee beans at Ada Hanina coffee shop in tel aviv
Ada Hanina's amazing selection of coffee beans

But the simple iced white americano—the perfect mix of fruity coffee and creamy milk—is a simple but solid choice. The shop also serves a good selection of cakes and delicious pastries. 

2. Casino San Remo, 2 Nehama St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

I made an error by not having brunch here (it’s meant to be pretty great) but I was in a rush to get to Bethlehem for a stay at Banksy's hotel so just stopped by for a coffee and muffin. A short walk from Old Jaffa, Casino San Remo is the perfect place to watch the world go by and serves all the mainstream coffee options alongside very delicious vegan muffins. 

a vegan chocolate muffin and glass of flat white on a tray at casino san Remo in tel aviv, one of the best coffee shops in the city
Vegan muffin and flat white at Casino San Remo

3. Hotel Montefiore, 36 Montefiore St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

The only hotel to feature on my list, Montifiore’s strong americano impressed with delightfully fruity tones. Many hotels—for some reason—just can’t get coffee right and I can’t figure out why. But here the flavoursome, but strong coffee pairs perfectly with breakfast (everything on the menu is amazing) and I’d recommend booking a stay at Montifiore—or at least heading there for breakfast—as it’s one of Tel Aviv’s best hotels on account of its delightful Mad Men-esque room decor and great restaurant.

cup of americano and silver tray filled with bread and pastries at hotel montefiore in tel aviv
Americano and bakery breakfast at Hotel Montefiore

4. Nordinyó, 27 Nahalat Binyamin St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

It’s pretty safe to say Nordinyó became my favourite everyday coffee shop and its location, super close to one of my favorite hotels in the city, the Elkonin Tel Aviv hotel ensured I returned again and again for my go-to black americano.

cup of americano at nordinyo, one of tel aviv's best coffee shops
Americano at Nordinyo

The staff at Nordinyó are efficient and fast, the cakes, sandwiches and pastries are immaculate and there’s cute side-street seating that’s almost always full. Definitely one to check out.

5. Alexander Bread & Bakery, 18 Lillenblum St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Without a doubt, this is the best bakery in Tel Aviv with some incredibly impressive pastries, cakes and bread—literally everything in the glass counter looks too good to eat, and you can even watch Alexander’s bakers at work in the compact bakery to the right of the shop’s entrance. 

Chocolate filled brioche and an americano at Alexander Bread & Bakery, one of tel aviv's best coffee shops and bakeries
Chocolate filled brioche and an americano at Alexander Bread & Bakery

I tried the chocolate and nut cream-filled brioche and a chocolate-filled croissant on my very last morning in Tel Aviv, gutted I hadn’t discovered Alexander Bread & Bakery sooner. The coffee is very good here, strong and distinctive, and it's a seriously great breakfast spot.

6. Waycup Coffee, 23 Yohanan HaSandlar

I hadn’t heard of Waycup Coffee but the guy I was with introduced me to their craft coffee one weekday morning. It’s a cute, cozy, leafy kind of spot kind of tucked away with more of an intimate feeling than the other options on my list. I took my usual americano and we lingered outside—good flavours and unique roasts in a sweet setting. 

7. Cafelix - Jaffa, 13 Sgula St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

I’m including Cafelix on my list because undoubtedly they have really good coffee, they roast their own beans, are super knowledgable and create pretty much the perfect cup consistently. But when I visited the Jaffa branch the staff were just downright miserable with no manners and an air of pretentiousness that I see a lot in London. 

glass cup of coffee at cafelix in tel aviv
Great coffee, questionable staff, at Cafelix

Cafelix does some of the best coffee in Tel Aviv but perhaps get it to go.

8. Mae, 3 Montifiore St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Mae is an absolutely stunning coffee shop, the light airy space with modern lighting and olive trees makes it a really slick place to grab coffee. I took my americano to go but could have easily lingered for a couple of hours due to the atmosphere being a real delight. 

wooden counter at Mae, one of the best coffee shops in tel aviv
Mae on Montefiore St

Mae serves 15 varieties of hot and cold coffee options and is definitely one of the more knowledgeable places on my list, there’s even Turkish coffee, pour-over and French press. In terms of food, that’s equally as impressive with the usual croissants and cakes and some pretty tasty sandwiches. 

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