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Where to find the best coffee in Mexico City—6 gorgeous cafes worth lingering at

Whenever I land in a new city, I become obsessed with hunting out great local cafes for my much-needed daily caffeine hit. The last time I was in Mexico City I managed to visit a couple of cool spots recommended to me by the amazing Mexican artist Ana Leovy, but this time, I was on a mission to find cute creative cafes with beautiful coffee and good breakfast options.

the exterior of quentin cafe in roma norte, one of mexico city's best coffee shops
Qūentin Café in Roma Norte

After four days of strolling the city's colourful streets, these are the six places I recommend visiting for the absolute best coffee in Mexico City.

Six of the best coffee shops in Mexico City

1. Bou, Roma Norte

In a total jet-legged haze, I visited Bou on my very first morning in CDMX, but the cafe's fruity americano soon revived me along with the chatty servers at the smart Roma cafe. Bou offers all of the usual coffee options, from espresso to flat white, but it's worth noting that there's a small extra charge for plant-based milk. 

an americano in a red cup on a wooden table at Bou cafe in Roma Norte, Mexico city, the cafe has some of the best coffee in mexico city
Americano at Bou in Roma Norte

Bou's breakfast offering is also very good with cacao pancakes, chilaquiles, and avocado toast all featuring on the expansive menu.
Opening hours: 8am-7pm everyday. Closed Monday.
Address: Tonalá 110, Roma Norte

2. Panadería Rosetta, Roma Norte

The last time I was in Mexico City I had a brilliant meal at Rosetta and still dream about the restaurant's focaccia, so this time I decided to check out its sister location; a little panadería, known for its early morning baked goods.

the exterior of panaderia rosetta in roma norte, one of the best coffee shops in mexico city
Panadería Rosetta

The coffee at Panadería Rosetta is also very good with creamy, yet rich flat white, as well as all of the usual variations you'd expect at a good coffee shop. 
Opening hours: from 7am Monday to Saturday, and 7.30am Sunday
Address: Colima 179, Roma Norte

3. Qūentin Café, Roma Norte

This small chain coffee shop became my absolute favorite place to get coffee in Mexico City. The flat white is truly delicious—the best I found in the city—but Qūentin's baked goods are equally impressive.

flat white served in an orange stubby glass on an orange table at quentin cafe in roma norte in mexico city
My flat white at Qūentin Café

I became obsessed with the cardamom and raspberry pastries at the Roma Norte branch. Grab the table on the corner to people watch as the city awakens.
Opening hours: from 7.30am Monday to Friday, and 8am Saturday to Sunday
Address: there are x outposts across the city, I visited the Roma Norte branch at Av. Yucatan 93

4. Cuhtli, Coyoacán

This super cute cafe in Coyoacán has street-side seating opposite the beautiful Viveros de Coyoacán, a huge tree-filled public park that's definitely worth a stroll. Reminding me of some of the best cafes in Tbilisi, Cuhtli serves the usual caffeinated options, from flat white and cappuccino to espresso tonic, but the iced chai latte is also very delicious. 
Opening hours: from 8.30am Monday to Friday, and 9am Saturday to Sunday
Address: G. Pérez Valenzuela 90, Coyoacán

5. Marcel Panadería, Roma Norte

Pretty sidewalk seating, stunning interiors, and beautiful blends make Marcel an unmissable spot.

chocolate banana bread on a while plate next to a cup of coffee at marcel cafe in mexico city
Chocolate laced banana bread and an americano at Marcel

The Americano is nutty and aromatic while the banana bread makes it one of the best places to eat in Mexico City.
Opening hours: from 8am Monday to Saturday, and 9am on Sundays. Closed Tuesday.
Address: Jalapa 130, Roma Norte

6. Blend Station, Condesa

I first visited Blend Station in 2018, but returning in 2023 it still lives up to its reputation as one of the best cafes in CDMX. Cute interiors, great coffee, and delicious sandwiches make it a truly unmissable spot. It's a good place to meet fellow travelers too.
Opening hours: from 8am to 8pm every day
Address: Tamaulipas 60, Condesa

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