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Saudi Arabian horses, falcons & camels showcased exquisitely in Assouline’s 'Ultimate Collection' of luxury hand-bound books

With incredibly beautiful features and undeniable athleticism Saudi Arabian horses have truly been shaped by their environment. Since the time of the Bedouin tribes, the Arabian horse has reigned supreme as the most prized species, and today, Saudi Arabia’s enthusiasm for equestrian life (much like the UAE) has led to the country hosting numerous prestigious equine competitions and events.

Three saudi arabian horses running through the desert in an image captured by oliver pilcher
Saudi Arabian horses (Photo: Oliver Pilcher)

Today the Arabian horse stands apart from the rest, prized for its strength and versatility. It's no surprise then, that independent publisher, Assouline has utilized the beauty of the Arabian horse by expanding on their coffee table book collection with three new volumes that showcase the cultural significance of not only Saudi Arabian horses but falcons and camels too.

Two men ride saudi arabian horses through the Saudi desert in an image captured by oliver pilcher
Riders traverse Saudi Arabia's sand dunes on horseback (Photo: Oliver Pilcher)

Priced at $1,200 (£1,000/€1,200)—and available to buy here on Asouline’s site—these unique books are works of art in their own right and will undoubtedly become collector's items, appealing to anyone with an interest in Saudi Arabian culture, history, and the country’s natural landscape. Photography across all three books is by Scottish-born Oliver Pilcher and each one has been carefully researched and written by a leading expert in their field.

A man rides a saudi arabian horse in the desert in an image captured by oliver pilcher
A Saudi Arabian horse in the desert (Photo by Oliver Pilcher)

Horses from Saudi Arabia presents the beauty of this beloved animal in its native landscape. Written by multi-award-winning author, Debbie Burt—a British equine writer with decades of experience as a specialist in the Arab horse industry—the book features hundreds of captivating images shot against the the backdrop of the Saudi Arabian desert.

A young boy sits with a young camel in Saudi Arabia in an image captured by oliver pilcher
Camels from Saudi Arabia (Photo: Oliver Pilcher)

While Camels from Saudi Arabia bridges the gap between the past and present through a celebration of the magnificent creature. An icon of the Arabian landscape, the camel has constantly been represented throughout Saudi Arabia’s history in poetry and art, something Saudi researcher and archivist Ghada Al-Muhanna Abalkhail knows much about. Ghada penned Camels from Saudi Arabia and has written about camels and their cultural connection to the land for decades.

A man holds a saudi arabian falcon on his arm in the desert in an image captured by oliver pilcher
Falcons from Saudi Arabia (Photo: Oliver Pilcher)

The third book documents the time-honored art of falconry and the respect between falcon and falconer. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Arabian Gulf where the ancient tradition dates back thousands of years. Falcons from Saudi Arabia displays the region’s deep admiration and appreciation of the powerful creature, revealing how falconry is a unique and quintessential part of traditional Arabic culture. The book is written by Tracy Gray, an Arabian Gulf resident who specializes in falcons and falconry.

Horses from Saudi Arabia, Camels from Saudi Arabia, and Falcons from Saudi Arabia are all available to buy now.

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